LukÁŠ NovÁk

PŘemyslovskÁ 13 / Prague

Czech Republic



tel. +420 703 14 55 04



"Lukas Novak perceives glass as a material that is capable of transmitting emotions and thoughts through forms, shapes and technologies of processing. At one stage, he chose mirrors as a favorite medium in glass world. Lukas changes material by means of unusual forms, which he subsequently transforms into original products. He uses sophisticated visual morphology which is achieved by rare combination of highest technologies as well as traditional glass tools and methods. He works with narrative function of mirrors, which resemble paintings.  Storyline turns into contemplative experience. Except for precise beveled edges of mirrors Lukas works with hand blown glass. This form is particularly interesting for him because of unpredictability of the outcome. With his objects, he reflects either contemporary events and historic pieces which he recreates with carefully chosen forms and technologies. By that, he creates interesting new semantic formulas and imaginative impulses.




Selected exhibitions / presentations


Designblok  /  ULTRA FRAGILE COLLECTION  / Prague - 2017 

Za Hranou Skla  /  group exhibition  /  Dancing House Gallery - 2017

NEW! NEW!  / solo exhibition / DOX by Qubus / Prague - 2017

Adidas Pure BOOST X / Designblok - 2016

Designblok / Art House selection, Diploma Selection / Prague - 2016

Vienna Design Week / UMPRUM selection - 2016

Czech Design Week / I Can See Your Future - 2016

Salone Internazionale del Mobile / UMPRUM selection - 2016

UMPRUM ATTACK! / Exhibition in Czech National Gallery - 2016

GLASSMANIA! / London Design Festival, London, UK - 2015 

POP-UP: SKLO / ZIBA glass experience museum - 2015

IGS / International Glass Symposium - 2015

Manifesto / Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden - 2015

Czech China Contemporary / Beijing - 2013

Salone Internazionale del Mobile Milano / UMPRUM selection - 2013